Your Torquay furniture removals experts for summer

September 27, 2016

Summer’s only a few months away and that means many people will soon be looking for a quality Torquay furniture removals team to help them relocate to their coastal holiday homes.

Well, our name says it all – Torquay Furniture Removals. We’re local, we’re professional and we’re here to help you return to beach living with a stress-free move.

If you’ve had your holiday home, town house or unit rented out during the year to satisfy the growing tourist accommodation market, perhaps it’s time to reclaim it for yourself over summer. And that’s what people do – put their property to work for most of the year and then have it available for family and friends when the temperatures rise and the good times begin.

So get prepared early. Lock in a moving date with our professional furniture removals team in Torquay so you know your recreational equipment, furniture and other goods will be ready for you when the holiday begins. Don’t leave it until there’s a last minute rush.

Our team knows the coastal country, with its picturesque winding roads and bushland, really well. We’ve been delivering furniture here for years, we’ve watched Torquay grow from a small town to a tourist mecca and we’re not surprised that people are drawn to the many great natural attractions on offer. Let’s face it, when you’ve got superb beaches, an ocean playground, stunning hinterland and great cafes and restaurants, who wouldn’t want to experience Torquay and this great region?

While our removalist service is the backbone of our client-focused business, it’s also worth noting that we offer packing, unpacking and storage services too. It’s all about making things as easy as possible for our many customers.

If you are ready to embrace coastal living over the warmer months, then please don’t’ hesitate to contact us at Torquay Furniture Removals for a smooth, hassle-free start to your holiday.