Torquay furniture removalist

February 27, 2015

Visit Torquay, with its beautiful beaches and hinterland, and you’ll quickly realise why there’s a big demand for a professional Torquay furniture removalist. It’s because it’s simply stunning. People are flocking to live here and who can blame them?

The coastal town’s seaside siren song has called to families and older couples for years and all these newcomers need the services of a quality house removals company to help them make the move. Torquay Furniture Removals, with more than 30 years of experience in the industry, can help give you a stress-free start by transporting your precious possessions to your new home carefully and reliably. Moving home is a major undertaking and having a professional crew to relocate your furniture eases the burden significantly.

Surf Coast Shire’s population is on the increase. Population experts company .id  forecasts the shire’s population will nudge 30,300 people this year and reach almost 44,800 by 2031. Torquay is a significant contributor. Once a sleepy seaside town of 6700 about a decade ago, its numbers have risen to about 15,000. And the town’s not likely to stop there, given its advantages in lifestyle and close proximity to large cities.

So when you make the decision to move, you need a Torquay furniture removalist you can trust to get the job done on time, with great care and for an affordable, competitive price. And that’s us. Torquay Furniture Removals ticks all those boxes, offering great value for money and fantastic customer service. We also offer packing and storage services so contact us to make the shift safe and easy for you and your possessions.