Heavy furniture removals in Lorne

January 28, 2015

We provide furniture removals in Lorne and surrounding coastal regions, which includes moving heavy furniture such as pool tables, grand pianos, king beds and more. We have years of experience lifting and maneuvering heavy furniture. Our staff employ safe methods of lifting and have also found many ways to move large or weighty furniture which is often contained in small or awkward spaces. Lorne is just one of the coastal towns we service for furniture removals, and we have helped many residents vacate their holiday homes after the summer period to make way for winter rentals (hens parties, anniversaries, special occasions).

We don’t just vacate holiday homes, we help individuals, couples and families move in and out of Lorne. It’s not just a great holiday destination, it’s a great place to live. There’s a hospital, schools and shops – health, education and jobs.

Whether you’re moving there for a sea change or moving away for other reasons, let us help you with your heavy items. Many people can lift things, the injuries often occur when they try to┬ámaneuvre the items down stairs or through a doorway. If you’re not experienced in the various techniques required to not only lift, but move forwards, backwards, up and down, you can easily hurt yourself by twisting your spine or straining a muscle.

Contact us for furniture removals in Lorne, book your next move in, and let us help you take a load off.