Experienced removalist tackling the Great Ocean Road

June 30, 2014

Transporting your furniture safely along the Surf Coast

The Great Ocean Road is one of the most beautiful – and treacherous – roads in Australia. Its ocean views are stunning, while its plunging cliff drops are daunting, at best.

The winding road, with its bends, twists and turns, can be difficult to manoeuvre in a regular-sized car, let alone a loaded furniture removalist truck! But our drivers are experienced and have travelled up and down the Surf Coast along the Great Ocean Road countless times. They know the speed limits like the back of their hands, are prepared for every upcoming bend and will make sure your items arrive safely and on time!

Experience is the best safety measure along this iconic road, and our drivers have this in abundance. Even the most winding part of the road, from Lorne through to Apollo Bay, is tackled with skill and ease.

And if you have heavy furniture such as pianos, pool tables, dining tables, office furniture and more, we will ensure we secure your furniture in our truck so it doesn’t shift around and become damaged during the route.

Hiring a professional removalist service will take the added stress out of moving to or from the Surf Coast via the Great Ocean Road. Contact us any time for a free quote for your next move. Make sure you let us know if your house has access issues, is generally difficult to get to, or concealed. That way, we can prepare our drivers and provide an accurate quote.