Multiple storey furniture removals in Lorne

April 22, 2014

Safely moving heavy items up and down stairs

Many houses in Lorne are double storey, triple storey, or have multiple split levels in order to accommodate the hilly terrain and take in the stunning views of the beach the town is known for. The majority of Lorne is not flat, but raised well above sea level with hills of rugged bushland and houses dotted throughout this landscape.

We have many clients from the Surf Coast and along the Great Ocean Road, where hiring a removals company is not just convenient, but necessary in order to tackle multiple storey homes, tall stair cases, and narrow, winding roads between towns!

Moving heavy furniture up and down stairs, such as queen and king-sized beds, book shelves, and futons, is not a job to tackle without expertise and experience. Manoeuvring such items down a long flight of stairs can be dangerous and tedious work and result in injuring your neck, back, wrists, arms or legs.

Architectural stair cases are often a feature in multiple storey holiday homes, making it even more difficult for untrained persons to carry furniture down without great risk to their person and causing damage to the feature of their home.

Our furniture removals staff are experts at lifting and moving furniture, using aids where necessary. Our truck drivers have navigated the Great Ocean Road countless times and will transport your furniture safely and efficiently from A to B.

Please contact us for furniture removals in Lorne.