Surfcoast furniture removals

November 2, 2013

Moving tips

Even if you have moved many times, it’s still easy to forget little things that make moving that much easier. Things like labeling boxes, packing “survival” kits (containing separate items for adults and children!), packing most-used items last and putting them somewhere accessible – can all go by the wayside in the stress of pre-packing, packing and moving!

Here are a few handy hints when it comes to moving home…

  • Start your pre-packing as soon as you confirm that you are moving! Things like ornaments, photo albums and books can be carefully packed early on because chances are you won’t necessarily need them for daily living (keep a current novel or children’s favourite books handy though);
  • If you will need storage in between moves, source a storage provider and organise which items you will be sending to storage.
  • Do you need boxes? How many and what sizes? Figure out where you are going to get enough boxes for packing all your varied items.
  • Consider packing “survival” kits – one for adults and one for children! Survival kits should be taken with you personally and be instantly accessible upon arrival. Below are some tips for packing moving survival kits.

Adults “survival” kit:

  • Toiletries! It’s likely that you will want to shower and/or need to use the toilet upon arrival after a day of moving – the last thing you will want is to be searching for toilet paper and body wash! Your survival kit should contain some basics like a couple of rolls of toilet paper and some toiletries.
  • Kettle – before you begin unpacking boxes you might want to sit and have a cup of tea or coffee to re-energise! Pack tea, coffee, sugar and long-life milk with your kettle in your survival kit for easy and instant access upon arrival.
  • Cleaning products: Not every new home is spotless clean and ready for all your precious items to be unpacked! If your property has been vacated for a little while chances are it needs a bit of a dust, wipe over and vacuum. In a bucket pack spray and wipe, cloths, gloves, disinfectant and any other cleaning products you favour. That way you can easily get to cleaning whilst you wait for your items to arrive.

Children’s “survival” kit:

  • Portable DVD player/iPad and movies to watch: having these readily accessible is handy for long trips if you’re moving further away than your current location, and also to distract tired children upon arrival whilst you start unpacking.
  • Favourite toys: Moving home can be stressful for kids too – make sure their favourite comforters such as a teddy bear or doll are not packed at the bottom of a miscellaneous box!
  • Books, drawing kit, games, etc. distract tired or bored children with games, favourite books or an activity that will occupy them whilst you start unpacking.

We do furniture removals all over the Surfcoast – so pack your survival kit and allow us to move the bulk of your items to your new location!

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